Basic Grounding


With this grounding exercise you send the energy that is not yours into the Earth and replenish yourself with Creator energy.

1. Visualize a big sphere around you, going at least as far as you can reach with arms outstretched to the sides and from about a palm below your feet to a palm above your head – this is your personal space.

2. Visualize a connection made of golden energy going straight from your tailbone to the center of the Earth. Make it the size of the circle the forms when you connect the thumb with the index finger or make it bigger, if that feels right to you. This connecting “pipe” will be used to get rid of energy debris.

3. Now visualize all the energy that is not yours leaving your body and personal space, through the pipe and into the center of the Earth. You can visualize that how you want: garbage, sludge, blackness – some people see brown or red energy flowing down. This is energy you picked up or someone sent to you, but it doesn’t belong so you are sending it away. You can also choose to send away energy you were holding onto but no longer want to keep around, such as old, harmful habits and thought patterns.

I like to visualize the energy getting recycled into a bright golden color when it reaches the center of the Earth but the important thing is sending the harmful energy there.

It may take a while before all the harmful energy goes to the Earth – it’s perfectly natural so just take your time. When the process is finished it’s common to feel some relief but don’t worry if you don’t. This is a learning process and the more important aspect is visualizing that energy debris going out of you and into the Earth.

4. Visualize a bright, golden ball of light above your head. That’s your connection with the Creator (at least as I see it).

5. Now visualize the golden Creator energy pouring out from the ball of light and into you, beginning to pool at the bottom of your personal space and slowly filling you and your space with it, all the way to the top. This golden energy just wants to energise you and heal you; it has no judgement, it’s always generous and ready; it knows no bounds.

The more you are open to receive it, the more you’ll benefit – I like to visualize myself in the middle of a waterfall of Creator energy.