How to Use Orgonite


At home or work, it helps to place one towerbuster-sized device in each room. For bigger or busier spaces you can use an HHG or add more pieces to improve the energy.

It’s a good idea to carry a pendant at all times. Orgonite changes your energy field, so when you use it constantly you’ll get greater benefits.

Here are some suggestions for the application of orgonite:

* Under the bed or on the nightstand for better sleeping.

* Near food and water to improve their energy.

* Near equipment such as the router to counter the effects of electromagnetic radiation.

* In the garden and agricultural lands to help the plants grow better.

* Directly in the water. The effects of orgonite are multiplied by water and rivers are perfect for this, as they carry the positive energy downstream. Fish love orgonite.

* On the body, where it feels painful or lacks health.

* In a therapy room and other places offering healing work, for clearing the energy and facilitating the healing process. Orgonite is very popular with energy workers.

* In any space with a good number of people, for improving moods and harmonizing different energies.

There really aren’t any rules for what to do with orgonite so use your imagination!


Spread the good energy out in the world

Gifting is the act of applying orgonite in the environment, where the energy is sick and stagnated, with the purpose of making it a wholesome good energy again.

This activity is more successful if done near the sources of negative energy, such as mobile network antennas (death towers). Those antennas emit great amounts of negative energy and they are everywhere, so it’s a great service you do for everyone if you heal the energy in your neighborhood, city or even a whole region!

Mobile phone network antennas and other sources of negative energy are always placed on the Earth’s energy lines. They were placed like that to take advantage of the Earth’s energy, which has been consciously pirated – bringing misery to people and harming Nature while making possible the current state of artificial scarcity, concentrated power and worldwide, large-scale deceit of the populations.

Reversing the state of energy from negative to positive happens after an adequate amount of orgonite is placed close enough to the problem. Because it works like a network, the more targets you bust, the greater the effect.

See the vertical white panels on the picture? Those are the typical emitters you can find on these antennas (there are different ones too, with other formats). A few years back most antennas would have 3-4 pannels/emitters and 1 Towerbuster (TB) was enough. In the last decade with 4G and 5G, more panels have been added so in some cases you may need to use more orgonite. I’m usually calculating 1 TB for every 3-4 panels, in the case of these smaller towers with simpler configurations, but that may be a conservative approach.

Orgonite is very powerful and I witnessed some phenomenal results after gifting the Canary Islands with my friend Francisco in 2013. We couldn’t afford to be conservative because we had a lot of ground to cover, so we’d gift with less orgonite than I’d normally use and it still worked great.

Essencially, when a tower is very loaded you’ll need to use more orgonite but don’t worry too much about overdoing – the only harm that can come from that is to the wallet. Ultimately, how much of it is needed is just something you’ll have to play by ear. This healing work benefits a lot from listening to the heart’s prompts.

The maximum range of a TB is about 400 meters but you’ll need to get closer if gifting in the city, to about 200 meters. An HHG (Holy Handgrenade) has a range of over 1,5 km. Orgonite becomes more powerful in the water and several successful gifting actions have used 1 TB per km in rivers and the ocean.

Coming across these mountain arrays it’s common to apply a good number of Towerbusters; sometimes also Earth Pipes, if we believe there is negative energy coming from underground.

The Earth Pipe (EP) is a great device for affecting underground targets, such as water that is running under homes, energy vortices and even underground military bases. Even though it works by directing the energy down through the pipe, it has a surprisingly good range in the horizontal, so you don’t need to be directly on top of a target for it to work.

The best way to gauge the effectiveness of your gifting is to pay attention to changes in people and the environment in the areas you gifted. That will give you a lot of valuable insight about this healing work.

You can find some great orgonite for gifting and personal use at