Sending Heart Energy


Send unconditional love from your heart to improve the energy of a target. It could be a being, a place, a piece of technology, a situation, etc.

1. To do this effectively you have to be grounded. That means you’re not unbalanced in any manner. If you feel out of sorts I suggest doing a simple grounding exercise.

2. Visualize your target and, if it helps, repeat the steps in your head or out loud, as a way to focus. For instance, when you are sending energy to your pet, you’ll think or say “I’m sending unconditional love from my heart chakra to Lassie/Tiger/Dr Jones”.

3. Take a breath in, slowly and deeply, through your nose. As you do that, visualize a stream of bright, golden Creator energy flowing down from above you, entering through the crown chakra and coming down through the center of your body to your heart chakra. There is gathers and gets stronger and brighter as you breathe in.

4. When you are done breathing in, try to hold it for 3 or 4 seconds. It’s ok if you can’t at the beginning – it gets better with practice.

5. Now breathe out, slowly and deeply through your nose. As you do that, visualize a stream of bright, blue energy shooting out from your heart chakra and into your target. The target does not need to be in front of you or in the same space – just by visualizing it happening, you will be able to reach it. Visualize your target get bluer and brighter from the unconditional love pouring out of your heart.

6. Keep repeating this for as long as you want.


Some tips

What we are sending from our hearts is “unconditional love”. That means there’s no judgement and no expectations. We send this energy, often to correct an imbalance or improve a condition. We believe it helps but don’t worry about the specifics – the energy itself is intelligent and will take care of that. I suppose it takes some detachment and faith to get the most out of this tool, but in truth it’s very simple and anyone can do it.

You can choose to use different colors such as green for healing or pink which I believe is the color for the unconditional love (or ‘higher love’) chakra. That energy point is about 2,5 cm above the heart chakra and you can also use it very effectively for this work.

You can visualize your heart chakra opening like a flower as the energy flows out. It’s a moment of giving without holding back, when all of you is your heart. In my experience I’ve always gotten more from sending heart energy than what I put in, so giving and taking can have very interesting dynamics.

Sending unconditional love from your heart complements the use of orgonite, specially gifting – where one affects the energy directly, the other is a similar correction of imbalance, but with our action ocurring in the material.