What is Energy Work?



Through the day we interact with spaces, people, and exchange our energy with them – in some cases we may feel uplifted to be around some people while around others we get drained of energy or stressed.

We are energy beings and as such it’s natural to be influenced by the energies around us, but we don’t need to be passive victims of circunstance. There are simple exercises which can be used to regain our “ground”, or balance. They are easy and anyone can perform them.

People who are more sensitive to the energies tend to absorb them like sponges and this kind of tool will benefit specially them.


Sending Heart Energy

As energy beings, we are also capable of moulding the material world around us via the immaterial energy that we put out – that’s the other side of the coin of being influenced by the energies. When we put out energy consciously and with a purpose, it has a much greater effect, and this is how magic works. Magic, as a technology, is neither good nor bad – it all depends on how it’s used. Sending heart energy works differently because it cannot be used to harm another.

Sending heart energy can feel as simple and natural to us as breathing. It has the power to dissolve energy blockages and create beneficial connections where none existed; it can be used to heal the energy of another and even help with physical ailments.

The possibilities are endless because we are receiving energy from the Creator and, through our hearts, directing it at a single target. It’s a very powerful tool and anyone can use it.


The Power of Imagination

Doing these exercises requires visualization and imagination. Don’t worry about getting it “right” – if it feels right for you, then it’s fine. Take these formulas as suggestions and adapt them to your own way.