Don Croft Terminator Zapper
Don Croft Terminator Zapper

Don Croft Terminator Zapper

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Having started to make zappers based on the work of Dr. Raymond Rife, Don Croft simplified the design and created his Basic Zapper. Soon after he found about orgonite and started adding it to his zappers. Over time new additions were implemented, such as crystals, the mobius coil and the neodymium magnet – these changes were made in a collaborative fashion with Carol Croft.

1. electronic circuit - modulates the frequency at 15Hz, which feels comfortable and encourages the user to wear it more often.
2. mobius coil (blue)- generates a field of scalar waves which improves the effect of the zapper.
3. neodymium magnet - this powerful magnet enhances the effect of the mobius coil, the stones in the zapper and the device as a whole.
4. orgonite - absorbs negative energy and generates positive energy; promotes healing and vitality.
5. amethyst(bottom) and garnet(top) - enhance the healing effect of the zapper. Together they work at protecting, strengthening and recovery.

This device includes a 9V battery and user's manual. To keep the discs clean, please use an appropriate, non-abrasive metal-cleaning product.

Dimensions: 8,4 x 4,9 x 2,1 cm
Weight: 135 grams (with battery)