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customer from Italy

(Terminator Zapper)

after first 2 days, tension relief in brain/head-top sheath and jaws
restful sleep
less anxiety
clear head
more flexibility of muscles when stretching, even after a week of not stretching the memory of the flexibility of muscles remains
appetite control, no more eating between meals, not eating for emotional reasons (comfort food)
not feeling tired/sleepy after lunch
more regular exercise and enjoying outdoors, needing fresh air
feel more protected
clearer skin
generally more relaxed

Luísa Matos

Highly recommended! The pendant works very well as a "shield". I can't imagine leaving the house without it, anymore. Thanks!


Feedback - we can use the mobile phones.
After one hour my wife noticed a clear difference with more lightness in the environment.
I'll order another pendant.

Catarina Braz

Good afternoon.
I highly recommended Mr. Carlos work.
Dedicated, professional and quick to deliver.
The Dome is beautiful and even though I'm a beginner in this "field" I can feel the dedication and focus in the piece. I'm very thankful!

Don and Carol Croft

Carol was impressed with how fast the energy exchange happened between her and each device because most of the orgonite that people send us to comment about isn’t nearly as responsive. She also likes how you’re able to pack so much metal in them because the amount of metal determines the potency of orgonite, which is probably why none of the NSA/Google shills use much metal or any metal at all ;-)

Eusébio Barroso

I want to simply thank you for the orgonite, it has arrived some days ago and I had no opportunity to write to you sooner.
As soon as the pendant is put on, the flow of energy is felt almost instantaneously.

Sara Costa

I'm very thankful for Mr. Carlos' work. Recommend it to all. I'm very thankful for his mission.


I wanted to try a basic zapper. It worked just fine to order it, and it arrived soon. I got shocked the zapper calmed down my back ache already the next day. I had been travelling by train and that usually causes sevral days´flare.
Since then I have only taken three pain pills in total! I use the zapper every day or night for some hours.
It is still helping, and now it is some weeks since I started zapping.
I do have some orgonite in the house from before. I think it is best to both have zapper and orgonite. The orgonite helps manifest things I think.

Marta Cóias

The orgonites made by Carlos are very effective, compared to various others I've tried, the difference is huge. Since I started wearing the orgonites daily the energy that stays in me coming from my patients is much smaller and I'm very thankful for this.


I feel everything lighter and don't feel the energy working so hard anymore. It balances the energy in spaces. And a lot of work is gone from my back!
But I don't advise removing the orgonites from their place as you can notice a momentary instability until a new balance comes.


Here is my sister’s account after placing the orgonite around:

"I placed some of the orgone around the house and have noticed that Dad is acting peppier. The summer heat used to disable him. But now, he is not even complaining and is very active."

Thank you for the products and for helping to boost my father’s energy! I’ll be in touch soon for another order. Best wishes, E.J.