Orgonite brings dramatic improvements to people and the environment. It pulls in bad energy, transforms it and then puts out the newly created good energy. It needs no maintenance and works 24/7.

In 1998 Don Croft was making zappers and experimenting with Wilhelm Reich’s orgone accumulators when he came into contact with a proprietary device made by Karl Welz. Soon he started experimenting with the help of his daughter Nora and in 2001 Don and Carol Croft made their first orgonite and started developing it further. Publicizing their findings instead of keeping them proprietary helped spread this groundbreaking technology to a lot of people, very rapidly. So far, several thousands of devices have been deployed worldwide.


Don and Carol Croft

Orgonite is a mixture of industrial resin and metal shavings. A crystal (often quartz) is added, as it increases the potency of the device. These are the only components needed for making simple, basic orgonite. This type of device, also known as "tactical orgonite", is frequently used on the environment to clean wide areas that have been affected by negative energy. The application of orgonite changes the energy back to a healthy state.

Some orgonite is made with extra elements, such as a mixture of crystals or a copper coil, and we often call that "personal orgonite". That type of orgonite is often more effective for the specialized application it was designed for. It’s common to find devices for the home, workplace and also for wearing, such as pendants, which are very popular.


What is orgone?

Orgone is just another name for etheric energy. This universal energy is also known as "qi" in China and "prana" in India. As we live in a multidimensional world, where the etheric (spiritual) part has hierarchic precedence and governs the material, orgone is the most important element in shaping us, our environment and ultimately our experience. It is from it that life is born.

The planet’s energy is manifested in the many ley lines and vortexes which are found all throughout the Earth, in a similar manner to how we have lines of energy and chakras in the human body. These energy lines and vortexes form a grid.

Since prehistoric times, there have been significant structures built over the Earth's energy grid – for example, every church is sitting on an energy line. Some of those constructions and the rituals performed in them have been corrupting the Earth grid for centuries or even millenia, paraziting and using it to negatively influence people, nature and whole regions. Later, that network of corrupted energy was reinforced by the millions of cell phone network antennas (also known as death towers) which irradiate great amounts of negative energy. Fortunately, orgonite can revert the corruption and the Earth's grid is being recovered through the direct action of thousands of people around the globe, since 2001.

Where you feel the energy is negative, stagnated, heavy – place some orgonite and witness the difference.


The pioneer Wilhelm Reich


Dr. Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) had a rich trajectory from Psychoanalysis, through Biology, Physics and eventually as creator and pioneer of the new science Orgonomy. For many years Reich searched for a cure for what he saw as a plague on Humanity – cancer. Reich found tumors to be simply the final stage in a disease which manifested in the person for a number of years, with symptoms apparently not related to the cancer, such as psychological disturbances.

While he was giving therapy to patients with psychic problems, Reich found there was an energy which naturally flowed in the body – a biological energy. He then made experiments to verify the existence of that energy in micro-organisms.
Reich found out that when he submitted several infusions of water and different matter such as grass, coal and sand, and heated them to high temperatures they would disintegrate, forming microscopic vesicles which he called “bions”. These bions would later group together and form micro-organisms such as amoebae and paramecium.

Reich noticed that a blue energy would emanate from the bions, which he concluded was the vital energy which permitted the formation of bions and its transformation into protozoa. He called this vital energy “orgone”. After several years of experimentation, Reich concluded orgone was everywhere and considered the Sun as its biggest source. Reich considered cancer as the prolonged starvation of vital energy in the affected person, which he healed with success by use of his orgone acumulators.

The story of Dr. Reich’s experiments is fascinating and I recommend reading his two-book volume “The Discovery of Orgone”.


How Orgonite affects the Orgone

From Reich we learned metal reflects orgone and organic substances attract it. His orgone accumulators – boxes made with alternate layers of metal and organic material – only attract and absorb orgone without transforming the energy from negative to positive.

Orgonite changed all this.

With orgonite we now have a technology which works 24 hours a day with no need for any interaction – you don’t ever need to clean it or recharge it. This technology will work non-stop healing and protecting the energy where it is placed, all the time. It will work on you, your family and friends, your home, garden, workplace, etc.

And if you placed it near a mobile phone network antenna, it will transform that source of electromagnetic radiation and cancer into a factory of regenerating energy. This is something you'll have to try it for yourself, though. No amount of books or videos can substitute for experience.

Going out and placing orgonite in the environment, near sources of negative energy to reclaim them and make them full of good energy again is an activity also known as "gifting". It's an effective and fun way to help making the world a better place.

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