Zappers work by introducing a micro-current into the body, via the skin. The current is so small you won't feel it, unless you wet your lips and touch the terminals when a new battery is placed - the jolt is fun but harmless and direct evidence of a functioning zapper.

The current from the zapper has a negative electrical charge (abundance of electrons) which affects the whole body. Parasites, viruses, fungi and worms must exist in a positively-charged environment (deficit of electrons) or desintegrate. The zapper changes the electrical polarity of their environment, thus killing them and freeing you from the heavy task of feeding those undesireable guests. This is a curative action, which is followed by healing - the extras on the Terminator support the healing process and you will also benefit from a healthy lifestyle.

The zapper is worn against the skin, as often as possible if you are sick. It's powered by a 9 volt battery (included) and comes with instructions for usage.

It's advisable to occasionally clean the zapper's metal terminals with an apropriate non-abrasive material. Otherwise the crud that builds up in the discs will eventually insulate and keep the device from working well.

More Difficult Cases

The zapper will always help your overall health but if you have damaged vital organs, it will not cure that. You will need a competent physician, two of which I can recommend:

Dr. Steven Smith works primarily with direct consulation at his office in Montana, USA. He's a brilliant healer, chiropractor and keeps expanding his knowledge and range of tools. Dr. Smith has a holistic approach and works on the whole of the body, physical and non-physical as well as helping you can support yourself in curing and healing. He's had great success with athletes as well as regular folks, to regain their health and vitality.

Dr. William G. Von Peters is an amazing naturopath from the US and you can consult with him via phone or internet. You send him hair samples, which are then used to determine the products needed to cure your illness and revitalize the damaged tissue. Dr. Von Peters designs his own line of medicines and has tremendous success with victims of metal poisoning, chemtrails and other cases your regular MD will not know what to do.

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