About Carlos Silva

I received formal education in Anthropology and Fine Arts. The former reflected a desire to understand the human being and the latter allowed for some initial, more conscious explorations of energy dynamics, which are commonly made use of in artwork.

Following years of dissatisfaction with the worldview as presented by mainstream media, educational and religious institutions, it was in 2007 that I found out about orgonite and some of the related tools, such as subtle energy work.

Since then I became inspired by the effects of those technologies and have been applying them and sharing the information with whoever is interested. Some of the more fun and higher-profile actions I've participated in so far were a couple of orgonite gifting campaings in Africa (mostly Mozambique) and the Canary Islands.

I'm lucky to have personally met Dr. Dirk Verelst in the Netherlands, Georg and Frederike Ritschl in South Africa, Francisco Subirachs in Spain, Don (who sadly passed away) and Carol Croft, Dooney and Dr. Steven Smith in the US. They are all committed to improving the world with these wonderful new tools and are great people to boot.

Everyone is invited to participate in this inclusive and healing-oriented new paradigm. Whether you simply desire to protect yourself or have the drive to transform your neighboorhood or region with orgonite, any action you take towards genuine freedom, health and prosperity improves everyone's condition.